#156 Mark Seemann, Code That Fits in Your Head


Mark Seemann on how to improve your software skills, and it’s not all about programming.


Who he is, what he does. The title of his book. Software - engineering/art/craft/science. Writing code that other people can understand is the hard challenge. Software is not engineering, yet. How to improve your own way of working. Keeping complexity low, seven plus/minus two, the emulator in the brain; easier to understand less complex code. Test driven development and why it helps. Using checklists makes you better with no other effort. Encapsulation - can an object be treated as a black box and not need to understand its internal state; trusting an object to behave in a predictable way. Complexity and software architecture; fractal architecture; sticking to seven things. Eureka moments don’t happen at the keyboard; timeboxing; flow state, in the zone; leave the room. LaTeX, why???


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