#135 Bob Martin, Clean Agile


Bob Martin talks about his new book, the origins of agile, its current state and his hopes for its future.


Who he is, what he does. Frustration and writing his new book - Clean Agile. What agile is, small idea for small teams to execute small projects. “fuss and muss” and the origins of agile; small steps - code, tests and Mercury capsule; bloat and unnecessary processes. Impact of universities on the software field. Agile meeting in Snowbird. Project success and failure, with and without agile, “agile is a feedback mechanism…it tries to get the bad news out as early as possible”. What happened to “agile is as small idea”; agile as part of a job title. How agile should affect programming, small feedback loops; ceremonies; agile provides lots of data, micro-management. Bryan’s story about chefs and agile, “Agile is the way programmers were seen to behave in the wild”. The business and agile, deadlines. No promises, no commitment. Why agile hasn’t changed or been replaced over the years. No scientific studies of agile or programming. Agile certification. Agile has simple riles but is difficult to master. Bob’s hopes for the future of agile. Why he is “Uncle Bob”.


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