#21 Henry Cipolla, Localytics

Henry Cipolla of Localytics and I discuss analytics, its real time uses and how Localytics tools work.

Henry's background, what Localytics does; SDK; analytics and app marketing; recording user behavior; how customers use data from Localytics; figuring out what customers do and want; acting on data; competitors; how it works, AWS, real time processing, Scala, Angular, Mongo, Hadoop, Redshift; growing the system; incorporating third party tools and figuring out how to remove them, moving large volumes of data; scaling; tracking users and privacy; advice on using big data, queues, store all data, tagging; misunderstanding the cloud.

#20 Gus Warren, Disconnect.me

Gus Warren of Disconnect discusses their tools, privacy, tracking and acceptable advertising.

Gus’ background, what is Disconnect; how ads track us, cookies, fingerprinting; why is the information gathered, tying online behavior to offline identities; privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide, incognito/private browser mode is not enough; what Disconnect does, blocking, search, ratings, not an ad blocker, differences from Ghostery, targeted, but private advertising; getting people to opt-in to advertising; how the tech works, data usage reduction, faster page loads, private searching; Google pulling Disconnect mobile from app store, side loading; free and premium editions; advertising industry response to blocking tools, future of tracking, EFF Do Not Track policy; spreading word about Disconnect; partnerships, Black Phone; building a browser; future work.

Book Recommendations

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The Cluetrain Manifesto

Contagious: Why Things Catch On