#22 Todd Gardner, Track:js

Todd Gardner tells me about Track:js, a JavaScript error tracking tool and how to get a three month free trial.

Todd's background; what is Track:js, client side errors, stack trace; when to use Track:js in the life-cycle of an app, challenges of production JavaScript apps; installing and using Track:js, turning it on and off for periods or for particular browsers; overhead of Track:js, duck punching and monkey patching; Track:js is for developers, not for marketing analytics; who uses Track:js, high end developers, value per customer; building a scalable system and gathering the data, 120 errors a second reported, hosting in Azure, throttling, elastic search; choosing a cloud platform, BizSpark support, Digital Ocean, Amazon, self hosting, OVH; security issues with data being tracked, what is and is not tracked; local installs of Track:js; monatizing Track:js, subscription tiers; Azure queueing strategy; future development of Track:js, convergence of Angular, Ember and React; how to get a three month free trial.

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#1 Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar, Glimpse Project

A discussion with the creators of the Glimpse project, Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar. We chat about the origins of Glimpse, what it does, how it works and where it is going.

See http://getglimpse.com for more.

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Audio notes
Apologies for the quality of audio at some points in the recording.