#126 Elissa Shevinsky, Faster Than Light Static Code Analysis

Elissa Shevinsky, author and founder of Faster Than Light, talks about static code analysis and why you should be doing it.

#123 Dane Hillard, Good Software Practices

Dane Hillard, software engineer and author, discusses what he considers to be some of the important principles of software development.

#110 Brandon Byars, Testing Microservices with Mountebank

Brandon Byars, creator of Mountebank talks about testing microservices with that tool, and more general testing patterns for microservices.

#86 Tomas Petricek, Software Correctness

Tomas Petricek talks about software correctness, its history and future.

#77 Laurent Bossavit, Software Myths

Laurent Bossavit talks about the myths like the 10x developer that have grown in the software industry.

#74 Patrick Smacchia, NDepend

Patrick Smacchia creator of NDepend explains how this tool can improve the quality of your code.

#49 Patrick Thevoz, Flyability - Collision Tolerant Drones

Patrick Thevoz, CEO and cofounder of Flyability tells me about their collision tolerant drone, why they build it, how it works and how it is saving lives.

#2 Bob Downey, Software Development

Bob Downey describes what thinks are good software development practices.