#126 Elissa Shevinsky, Faster Than Light Static Code Analysis

Elissa Shevinsky, author and founder of Faster Than Light, talks about static code analysis and why you should be doing it.

#115 Scott Helme, Fighting Cross-Site Scripting with Content Security Policy and Subresource Integrity

Security researcher Scott Helme tells me how Content Security Policy and SubResource Integrity are used to fight cross-site scripting.

#114 Kee Jeffreys, Loki Privacy Network

Kee Jeffreys talks about Loki, a privacy network for secure financial transactions and communications.

#107 Niall Merrigan, Hacking, Bug Bounties and Responsible Disclosure

Niall Merrigan, security researcher tells me about bug hunting and the best hacks he has seen.

#88 Aaron Bedra, Threat Modelling

Aaron Bedra talks to me about threat modelling, why you should do and what to cover.

#48 Peter Waegemann, Security in the Medical Industry

Peter Waegemann author of Knowledge Capital in the Digital Society and I discuss security in the medical industry and why he advocates for less privacy.

#17 Robert Hurlbut, Software security

Robert Hurlbut and I discuss various aspects of software security

#15 Linus Olsson, Hemlis project

Linus Olsson of the Hemlis project discusses what Hemlis is, why they are building it and how it works.