Quantum Computing

#141 Abraham Asfaw, IBM Quantum Computing - Out of the Lab, and into Industry

Abraham Asfaw of IBM talks about the current state of their quantum computing project, and how it has moved out of the lab and into industry and education.

#103 Jay Gambetta, IBM Quantum Information Science

Jay Gambetta of IBM talks about their new Quantum Information Science Kit which makes it easy to running chemistry, artificial intelligence and optimization applications on quantum computers.

#98 Michael Brett, QxBranch - Commercial Quantum Computing

Michael Brett of QxBranch tells me about their work in the world of commercial quantum computing, their software and where he sees the industry going.

#82 Jay Gambetta, IBM Quantum Experience

Jay Gambetta manager for quantum theory and computing at IBM talks to me about the IBM Quantum Experience.

#68 Michael Biercuk, Quantum Computing

Michael Biercuk, director of the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney talks to me about quantum computing and the future it will lead to.