#147 Martine and Michael Dowden, Teaching Children to Program

Martine and Michael Dowden talk about the importance of teaching children to program and how to get started.

Who they are, what they do. The benefits of programming, when to start, Robot Turtles, Scratch and Scratch Junior, moving to a traditional programming language. Helping the child move to the next step, keep their interests in mind; have a project in mind. Minecraft Mods, Boxels, Advent of Code, Hour of Code, Kano, Microbit. Books. Teaching their own children. What if no one in the household is a programmer - Hour of Code, Code Academy, board games, Human Resources Machine (phone game). Learning software on a phone or tablet, CodePen, using a Bluetooth keyboard with a phone or tablet. How to get/keep children interested; inspiring children, especially girls. Explaining what programming makes possible. Start with something they know, not a black screen. How to find Michael and Martine, downloading their book.

Martine's Homepage
Michael's LinkedIn
Robot Turtles
Scratch Junior
Adafruit Circuit Playground
Minecraft Mods
Advent of Code
Hour of Code
Javascript for Kids
Programming Languages ABC++ (purchase)
Programming Languages ABC++ (download)
Code Academy
Code Pen

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#131 Dylan Beattie, Esoteric Languages, Rockstar and Programming for Fun

Dylan Beattie talks about his love of programming, esoteric languages and his language, Rockstar.

Who he is, what he does. Dylan and Bryan had Amstrad computers. Programming as art, programming for the sake of programming, Conway's game of life, demo scene, squeezing more out of the hardware. Squeezing more out of software; code golf; obfuscating code. Quines-programs that print themselves, quine relays, record is 128 languages. Esoteric languages, a story about Alfred Hitchcock, Turing completeness, examples of esoteric languages. The origins of Rockstar; an example of FizzBuzz in Rockstar, making real music. Dylan’s hectic conference schedule.

Dylan's Twitter

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#92 Felienne Hermans, What is Programming?

Felienne Hermans has been asking the question "What is programming?", in this podcast she tells me why it is an important question and what she has found out.

Who she is, what she does. Felienne's research into what programming is, why it is important. Her general findings. Excel as an intro to programming, Excel is functional. Programming with kids, code smells, code quality and how it affected understanding. It's hard to see beyond your own bad code. Programming as writing, making it appealing by comparing it to story telling. Transitioning to more formal programming. Programming Sucks article by Peter Welch. Encouraging people to learn programming, how can we help, some home work from Felienne.

Felienne's twitter

Joy of Coding conference

Programming Sucks article by Peter Welch

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