#149 Todd Gardner, The Importance of JavaScript

Todd Gardner, creator of TrackJS and RequestMetrics tells me how the web runs on JavaScript why it is so important.

Who he is, what he does. JavaScript and ECMA Script, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, transpilers; Blazor, WebAssembly; SliverLight and Flash. JavaScript on IoT. JavaScript on the backend; Bryan rants about using Json with C#. Parsing Json and the importance of strings. Why you should learn JavaScript; which JavaScript should I learn - Node, React, Angular, etc. Bryan talks about learning JavaScript. What NodeJs is; module dependency version hell. The unclear state of asynchronous programming in JavaScript; Todd clears things up, callback hell, promises, async/await. JavaScript is not a fad. How to learn JavaScript. Monitoring your website with RequestMetrics; measuring real user performance, not synthetic monitoring; privacy concerns.

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