#72 Eric Schles, Fake News and How To Filter It With Big Data

Eric Schles talks about a set of tools he is building to identify and filter fake news stories.

Who he is, a story on human trafficking. Importance of identifying "fake news". News Literacy Project, how Eric got involved. Manually categorizing news stories. Building software to do the job, metrics to identify "fake news", Stitch Fix, word distance map, comparing to the manual process. Eric loves Python, scraping. Other applications of tool, machine generating long form content, "machines writing books". Providing an API. Scaling to handle large volumes; Python 3.6; Asyncio and Kafka. Bias in the software; yellow journalism in 1890s and 1920s. How to help.

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Eric's GitHub page
News Literacy Project

#16 Dennis Mortensen, x.ai, AI scheduling

Dennis Mortensen and I discuss x.ai, an AI personal assistant for scheduling meetings.

Dennis and I discuss his background, traditional analytics products, predictive analytics; x.ai, it “schedules meetings”, how it works, invisible software, people don’t have control panels or sliders, tuning Amy multiple calendars; humanizing Amy, pain does not have a syntax, democratizing having a personal assistant; scheduling nirvana, Amy work with Emily, elastic calendar; human speed; psychology of Amy, Amy is not an “it” and does not have features, Amy has skills and receives education; invisible interface; accepting Amy and stigma around AI PAs; is Amy dehumanizing, or is a control panel dehumanizing; why now for Amy, 1019 meetings and 672 reschedules in one year, not Turing ready; no app, maybe location awareness; audience of 87 million US knowledge workers, spreading word; when it will be available, thousands of users, tens of thousands meetings a day; backend, improving understanding, context; Amy’s truth, cultural differences, irony; architecture, no scaling problem, AWS, Scala, mongo; data and privacy; future of x.ai, flights, hotels, other languages, voice integration.

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