#21 Henry Cipolla, Localytics

Henry Cipolla of Localytics and I discuss analytics, its real time uses and how Localytics tools work.

Henry's background, what Localytics does; SDK; analytics and app marketing; recording user behavior; how customers use data from Localytics; figuring out what customers do and want; acting on data; competitors; how it works, AWS, real time processing, Scala, Angular, Mongo, Hadoop, Redshift; growing the system; incorporating third party tools and figuring out how to remove them, moving large volumes of data; scaling; tracking users and privacy; advice on using big data, queues, store all data, tagging; misunderstanding the cloud.

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#4 Gary Marcos, Mobile App Development

Discussion with Gary Marcos on mobile app development; why build a mobile app instead of a web site designed for mobile, usability, approaches to app development for teams with no experience in app development – near shore vs offshore, costs of app development, launching into a store, maintaining an app, crash analytics, post launch issues, redeploying your app, platform to build your first app on, supporting Android devices, Windows and Blackberry, promoting your app, app analytics, mobile retargeting, ratings and feedback,

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