#121 Mark Eisenberg, Microservices in the Enterprise

Mark Eisenberg discusses why enterprises should adopt microservices, what is stopping them, and how they can overcome those problems.

#113 Morgan Bruce, Working With Microservices

Morgan Bruce author of Microservices in Action talks about how and why he builds microservices.

#110 Brandon Byars, Testing Microservices with Mountebank

Brandon Byars, creator of Mountebank talks about testing microservices with that tool, and more general testing patterns for microservices.

#99 Jimmy Bogard, Diving into Containers

Jimmy Bogard creator of AutoMapper, MediatR and HtmlTags talks to me about his move into the world of containers.

#91 Adam Ralph, NServiceBus, Microservices and SOA

Adam Ralph talks about the challenges of distributed systems, queues, coupling, and how NServiceBus helps with microservices, SOA and long running processes.

#89 Mark Eisenberg, Breaking the Monolith

Mark Eisenberg talks about the very long life of the software monolith, when it started, and how we have been trying to escape it since.

#51 Rachel Reese, F Sharp, microservices and Jet

Rachel Reese tells me about her work at Jet, F#, chaos testing and being one of the Rachii.