#135 Bob Martin, Clean Agile

Bob Martin talks about his new book, the origins of agile, its current state and his hopes for its future.

#125 Angela Dugan, How to Build a Great Team

Angela Dugan talks about teams, what they are, how they go wrong and how to build a great one.

#100 Jeff Glennon, The Man Who Left Technology for Beer

Jeff Glennon used to be an agile consultant helping companies align their departments to deliver better software, but he left that world behind and is now the Chief Operations Officer at Night Shift Distributing, a distributor of craft beers and other beverages in Massachusetts. Jeff talks to me about his move, the skills he brought with him and what he has learned.

#97 Cliff Agius, Decision Making as a Pilot and Engineer

Cliff Agius, software engineer and pilot of Boeing 787's talks about decision making above the clouds and in the office.

#81 Doc Norton, Better Agile Metrics

Doc Norton tells me why measuring agile velocity is a bad idea and what to do instead.

#75 David Mead, Start With Why & Better Communication

David Mead of Start With Why talks about improving communication skills, leadership and handling conflict.

#53 On Freund, Scaling Development

On Freund VP of Engineering at WeWork talks to me about how a company scales as it grows.

#52 Eric Bloom, Productivity

Eric Bloom and I discuss productivity, what it means and how to be more productive in an IT environment.

#47 Alec Lazarescu, DevOps to the Rescue

Alec Lazarescu, CTO of LearnBop tells me how to introduce and expand DevOps inside your organization.

#46 Terrence Ryan, Driving Technical Change

Terrence Ryan author of Driving Technical Change tells me how to initiate change, tackle difficult colleagues and convince the boss.