#75 David Mead, Start With Why & Better Communication

David Mead of Start With Why talks about improving communication skills, leadership and handling conflict.

David's role in Start With Why, Simon Sinek, David's own background. Starting with why, golden circle. What we do, how we do it, why we do it; without why it is much harder to differentiate ourselves. Most companies start with what, examples of companies that start with why. People like to be around people like them and believe what they believe. Imperfect companies can have a noble higher goal.
How can engineers improve their communication; it's a skill that can be learned; give people tasks and roles that inspire. Better communication across the whole organization, sharing the big picture. Simple tips to improve communication skills, set goals that are attainable with low risk. How to handle conflict, don't take a position against something, stand for something. Conflict as a useful tool to resolve issues. What to do if conflict has become the norm, get back to the why; what to do when "why" is not enough, "we can't fix people, we can provide the environment where they can be inspired to change themselves". Don't promote because of skill; when leading a team you are  responsible for the team not the job, "management is about getting stuff done, leadership is about people". Always keep an eye on the bigger picture.

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#26 Peter Welch, Programming Doesn’t Suck?

Peter Welch, code monkey, blogger and author, and I talk about the software industry and the people in it. 

Peter's background; his books; programming sucks, problems in the interview process; utilitarian programming; complexity in software; how bad are things in the industry, business doesn't understand complexity; Bryan rants about C level people in companies, Peter tells a story about restaurants, whose job is it to ensure quality work is done, over engineering; respect for engineers; are great engineers dangerous, arrogant engineers are worse; politics - taking part of avoiding; "everything is broken because there's no good code and everybody's just trying to keep it running", HeartBleed, is the "sophisticated hack" a fair excuse, hard for old businesses to move to new tech; standards and practices; "all programmers....are slowly going mad", how do we make programming better, Peter is an optimist!; complexity.

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