#86 Tomas Petricek, Software Correctness

Tomas Petricek talks about software correctness, its history and future.

#84 Mark Seemann, Dependency Rejection, Part 1

Part one of a two part recording with Mark Seemann on dependency injection and rejection in F#.

#54 Mark Seemann, Functional Programming and F#

Mark Seemann, author, creator of AutoFixture and Plural Sight coach tells me about functional programming and F# in particular.

#51 Rachel Reese, F Sharp, microservices and Jet

Rachel Reese tells me about her work at Jet, F#, chaos testing and being one of the Rachii.

#36 Nicholas Blumhardt Seq and Serilog

Nicholas Blumhardt discusses Seq, Serilog and structured event logging with me.