#104 Laura Elizabeth, Design Advice for Engineers

Laura Elizabeth explains how engineers can improve their design skills.

Who she is, what she does. Why developers should care about design. Bryan's PowerPoint slides are better than they used to be. Where to start learning design, iterate your design. How do you know if the design is good, getting others to look at the site, making use of negative feedback. look at other sites for inspiration. Accessibility is important. Common problems in design. Knowing when the design is complete

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#08 Brian O’Neill, good design in software

Discussion with Brian O’Neill, who he is and what he does; role as a designer vs developer; how to find out what is needed, getting feedback, including engineers in feedback process; what is great design, invisible interface, task flow, google as an example of good design, good task flow example, db tables should not dictate the view; who is responsible for good design; bridging the gap between designers and developers, learning design; steps in making a good design from the perspective of a designer and an engineer, laddering, sketch on whiteboards rather than using fancy software, user testing; why not to start from the data model; flexibility vs usability; engineers should be involved in user testing, self reflection; agile, incrementing rather than iterating, lack of user representative is common, design runway – designers stay ahead of engineers by a sprint, validation loops, don’t worry about what people like about an interface only what they do; definitions of success from different perspectives; working as an insider rather than as an external contractor; conflicts between engineers and designers, justifying decision making and intuition, sum of design errors reflect on overall product, building respect between engineers and designers; just because the big boys do it doesn’t mean you should; Brian’s music; author recommendations, Edward Tufte, Stephen Few.

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Brian’s site – rhythmspice.com
Brian’s music – Orchestrotica

Author Recommendations

Edward Tufte

Steven Few

New York Times data visualizations