#65 Mads Torgersen, C# 7

Mads Torgersen, program manager for C# at Microsoft, talks to me about the upcoming release of C# 7.

Who he is, being the C# program manager; the favorite features he introduced as PM - linq and async, why linq was added, does the C# increment big features, was async as much of a success, complications are too well hidden, Stephen Toub blog; Mads won't tell me when C# 7 is coming out, new features, tuples + deconstruction, pattern matching; how Mads manages C#, boundaries and disagreements with other teams;  who makes decisions – being a "reluctant dictator"; managing resources at Microsoft; Microsoft and the C# standards bodies, why have the standards when Microsoft can do what they want; C# and the open source community, drawbacks of open source; final notes.

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Quick video on C# 7.0

.NET Blog on C# 7.0

#60 Jon Skeet (part 1), Noda Time

This is part one of a two parter with Jon Skeet, here we talk about Noda Time and all things time, date, time zones and offsets. We also chat about the C# specification. In part two we cover the Google Cloud Platform.

Who he is, what he does, Google briefly (more in part two); Noda Time, history, time libraries are bad, v1 is forever, databases store datetime badly too, what is wrong with current libraries, DateTime.Now is bad, time zones and offsets, how to store and transfer Noda Time, UTC and local times; C# specification, "Mads Toegensen is the nicest person in the world", C# standards bodies, how the language changes.

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#44 Bill Wagner, C# 7

Bill Wagner, author, Microsoft MVP and member of the ECMA C# Standards Committee, tells me about his writing, C# 7, language standards and the move the open source.

Who he is, how he writes, C# standardization, compiler implementations, .NET Foundation Advisory Council, the move to open source, port to Linux, .Net core, .Net foundation, C# 7 new features, async streams, non nullable types, better support for unity; quick tutorial on async - "go async all the way"; compiler analyzer.

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