#150 Luke Hoban, Pulumi – Infrastructure as Software

Luke Hoban, CTO of Pulumi talks about modern Infrastructure as Software tools and approaches.

Who he is, what he does, less coding more team building. History of IaC. Replace instead of repair; using more managed services. When did IaC start. Configuration orchestration vs configuration management; cloud infrastructure as code. What Pulumi is, modern IaC - moving to Infrastructure as Software. A more modern approach. Supported languages - TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Go, .NET; aiming for layer to share IaC across languages. Pulumi instead of point and click, clear picture of what is deployed, why use it, repeatability, testing, reliable process, Pulumi lets you follow good software dev practices for IaC. An example with Elasticsearch; inputs and outputs, building a graph of dependencies. The difficulties of working with Json in C#. Once you know how to use the IaC tool, knowing the platform becomes the problem; Pulumi aims to provide templates for larger units of infrastructure. Keeping the provider up to date with the third party platforms; Pulumi's own for Kubernetes and Azure. Future of Pulumi, software driven automation, automation API. Getting started with Pulumi.

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Bryan's article on Json
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#132 Lars Klint, Cloud First

Lars Klint

Lars Klint talks about the cloud first approach to software development.

Who he is, what he does, why he is in Australia. What the cloud is, and how to get into it. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. What “cloud first” means; data sovereignty; cloud only. Serverless, “Serverless is PaaS on steroids”, cold starts in serverless, hot-tiers. All companies can use the cloud. Criteria for building in the cloud on the premises, Amazon Snowmobile, Microsoft coastal datacenters. Picking a cloud provider. Is multicloud worth doing. Getting started with the cloud, moving an application to the cloud. How to find Lars, upcoming conferences.

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#38 Mark Eisenberg, Private Cloud

Mark Eisenberg of Microsoft talks to me about the private cloud and why it has failed.

Definition of private cloud, virtualized data centers, getting value from the cloud; enterprise scale, web scale and hyper scale; differences between private and public cloud, daytime and nighttime workloads; cultural change is needed when adopting cloud; same software problem, different decade; companies expected cost reduction, but didn't get it; vertical scale doesn't work anymore, start small in cloud and grow; we got it wrong so often why would you expect anything different now; current state of private cloud; private cloud is failing; bringing in the skills to deploy private cloud, need exec buy-in; how to get buy-in; agility, complexity and cost example of success at Lowe's; wrap up.

Book Recommendation
Continuous Delivery

Building Microservices

The Art Of War

The Prince

The 48 Laws of Power

The Fountainhead

The Black Swan

Thinking, Fast and Slow

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#3 Bill Wilder, Azure

Discussion with Bill Wilder about the the Azure platform, differences from traditional development, reliable queues, automation and devops, security, cloud computing vs alternatives, green data centres, scaling, test and deployment, costs and licensing, Azure over the past four years, active directory, SQL services, growth of services – mobile services, hadoop, caching, media services, BizTalk, DNS, virtual networks, Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie, Bill and Azure, Global Windows Azure Bootcamp, commercial usage of Azure vs AWS, book choices.

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Book recommendations
Code Complete 2, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Cloud Architecture Patterns: Using Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Windows Azure Development Cookbook, Microsoft Azure SQL Database Step by Step (Step by Step Developer)

This recording was made in early March, prior to the the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp.