#140 Maria Naggaga, Try .NET and .NET Interactive

Maria Naggaga talks about Try .NET and .NET Interactive - new ways of learning and demonstrating .NET code, and running samples.

#134 Brandon Minnick, Async Await – Common Mistakes, Part 2

Brandon Minnick of Microsoft continues with his list of common mistakes in async/await programming and suggested solutions.

#133 Brandon Minnick, Async Await - Common Mistakes, Part 1

Brandon Minnick of Microsoft talks about common mistakes when using async/await and offers solutions.

#124 Mads Torgersen, C# 8

Mads Torgersen talks about the upcoming release of C#, what's new, what's different, what else is coming in the future. He also answers questions from Twitter.

#101 Andrew Lock, .NET Core

Andrew Lock, blogger and author of ASP.NET Core in Action talks to me about the .NET Core and why you should probably use it instead of Framework.

#96 Steve Gordon, Http Client Factory in .NET Core 2.1

Steve Gordon and I talk about the new Http Client Factory in .Net Core 2.1. We cover what's new, what's different and how to use Polly, the .NET resilience framework with it.

#71 Dylan Reisenberger, The Polly Project

Dylan Reisenberger talks about Polly, a resilience and transient-fault-handling library for .NET. Commonly used for retries, circuit breaking and fallback when calling remote services.

#58 Brock Allen, Identity Server

Brock Allen talks to me about Identity Server, authentication and balancing a consulting job with an open source project.

#39 Scott Allen, ASP.NET 5

Scott Allen, author, Pluralsight author, podcast host and consultant tells me all about the upcoming release of ASP.NET 5.

#1 Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar, Glimpse Project

Nik Molnar and Anthony van der Hoorn describe the Glimpse project.