#137 Scott Allen, Re-release of talk about ASP.NET 5

K. Scott Allen passed away on January 10th 2020. I wrote to him in 2015 about making a podcast, we had never met and I sure he didn't know of me, but was happy to share his time. That is the podcast posted here.

We stayed in touch and a few years later I asked him to take part in a panel discussion at an NDC conference, again he was very generous with his time.

He will be missed.

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#44 Bill Wagner, C# 7

Bill Wagner, author, Microsoft MVP and member of the ECMA C# Standards Committee, tells me about his writing, C# 7, language standards and the move the open source.

Who he is, how he writes, C# standardization, compiler implementations, .NET Foundation Advisory Council, the move to open source, port to Linux, .Net core, .Net foundation, C# 7 new features, async streams, non nullable types, better support for unity; quick tutorial on async - "go async all the way"; compiler analyzer.

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#39 Scott Allen, ASP.NET 5

Scott Allen, author, Pluralsight author, podcast host and consultant tells me all about the upcoming release of ASP.NET 5.

Who he is; is ASP.NET 5 a rewrite; lightweight, better for SPAs; Scott's favorite new features ; don't need vs 2015, works on Linux; more modular; cross platform, core (subset) CLR; lighter on resources; inbuilt dependency injection; new configuration system; middleware, its history and how it differs from handlers and filter, middleware sees more; combining MVC and Web API; tag helpers; web forms are gone; is Microsoft providing better documentation and examples; front-end improvements, angular, bootstrap, Grunt, Gulp, Bower.

ASP.NET 5 Schedule and Roadmap

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