#91 Adam Ralph, NServiceBus, Microservices and SOA


Adam Ralph talks about the challenges of distributed systems, queues, coupling, and how NServiceBus helps with microservices, SOA and long running processes.


Who he is, being “a white space bigot”; what he does; working for Particular, evangelist and engineer. What NServiceBus is, infrastructure for distributed systems, queues, retires. History of NServiceBus, commercial and free versions. Main reasons to us NServiceBus - abstracts the message transport, retires, deduplication and the fallacies of network computing, insights into the flow of messages, monitoring on the transport system. Publish/subscribe. Sagas for long running processes, saving state, an example of a saga in action, sagas can run infinitely. Loose coupling, “pit of success”; different kinds of coupling - temporal, location, logical. an example of decoupled ordering service, thin events vs fat events, contract coupling, set an id very early. What scale do you need to be at to use NServiceBus. How to get started with NServiceBus. Monitoring what is happening. NServiceBus on containers. Adam is running a workshop in May at Micro CPH in Copenhagen.


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