#89 Mark Eisenberg, Breaking the Monolith


Mark Eisenberg talks about the very long life of the software monolith, when it started, and how we have been trying to escape it since.


Who he is, what he does. What is a monolith, tell-tale signs of a monolith, coupling and decoupling. Why we built monoliths. N-tiers and monoliths. Software is rarely a green field. Were we ever able to swap tiers. Advantages of a monolith, it’s familiar. Companies need a visionary to effect change. Risk raises its head. SOA didn’t work, client server didn’t work, n-tier didn’t work. Successful companies went from monoliths to microservices when they needed to. RPC is from the 1960s, are you running one piece of code on one machine or ten machines. How to get off the monolith, find a visionary. Time to respond to a challenge is very short. Microsoft is a good example of a large company changing.


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