#86 Tomas Petricek, Software Correctness

Tomas Petricek talks about software correctness, its history and future.

Who he is and what he does, his book on F#. Alan Turing Institute. Software as an engineering discipline, software as art. History of errors in software, errors in hardware. Software was never in crisis. Using types to help with correctness, how different languages do it, some complications, a new language would be needed. Upcoming improvements in correctness. Other projects Tomas is involved in.

Tomas' homepage

The Gamma: Tools for open data-driven storytelling

Salon des Refus├ęs 2018

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One thought on “#86 Tomas Petricek, Software Correctness

  1. I loved this conversation. I think that there needs to be a move toward provable software which we can guarantee behaves the way we intended. I have see myself gravitate to stricter programming languages because I want to ensure that what I produce behaves the way I intended.

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