#82 Jay Gambetta, IBM Quantum Experience


Jay Gambetta manager for quantum theory and computing at IBM talks to me about the IBM Quantum Experience.


Who he is, what he does. Why is quantum computing different, entanglement and interference. How do quantum computers look, cryogenic refrigerators, close to absolute zero. IBM’s history in quantum computing. What is the quantum experience, how a program goes from the cloud app to the supercooled quantum computer; free and open access to 5 and 16 qbit computers; how to write a program (called a circuit); examples of circuits; is 16 qbits enough for real problems. When can we break encryption with quantum computing, why error correction is so important. Popularity of quantum experience, how soon will a submitted circuit run; using python to submit circuits; what is the “Hello World” of quantum computing; how to write a python program for the quantum experience. Community involvement. Future of quantum, becoming a technology, what about the temperature requirements. Chaotic and exciting times coming.

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