#80 Angela Dugan, Impostor Syndrome

Angela Dugan tells me about impostor syndrome, why it matters and what you can do about it.

Who she is, what she does. What impostor syndrome is, Hanselman's post. Who is affected by it. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know; being an "expert"; why is "I don't know" not acceptable, do agile sprints and commitments force unreasonable expectations. Angela's impostor syndrome survey. The opposite of impostor syndrome - Dunningā€“Kruger. Should one do anything about it; teaching what you learn. Angela might retake the test. Angela suggests helping others with impostor syndrome.

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2 thoughts on “#80 Angela Dugan, Impostor Syndrome

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  2. Not the first time I’ve heard about “impostor syndrome”. I wonder how many IT professionals do actually suffer from this? I wonder if the industry is more affected than any other because of the sheer speed at which things change.
    Angela – Is there a link to the online test you mentioned in the episode? I’d like to find out if I suffer from it too šŸ˜

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