#78 Dustin Campbell, C# 7.1 and Beyond

Dustin Campbell talks about the future of C# 7.1, 7.2 and beyond.

Who he is and what he does, Mads and the other guy, cross platform experience, playing guitar. Why move to incremental C# releases, bug fixes, move language forward more quickly, csharplang on GitHub, changes needed to compiler, C# releases are tied to Visual Studio releases. Could C# become a NuGet package. Preventing accidental use of 7.1. Possible dates. Release cadence, halting problem. Speed of change of C# vs ASP.Net, slow evolution is the plan. Balancing features and performance against ease of use. More pattern types coming. Shapes and extensions, extension everything - properties, constructors. Optional interfaces. The future of c#. A question from Jon Skeet for Dustin.

Download mp3 of podcast

Dustin's videos on Channel 9.

C# lang on GitHub.

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