#76 Eyewire, Amy Sterling & Chris Jordan


Amy Sterling and Chris Jordan of EyeWire talk about mapping the neurons and synapses of the brain.


Who they are, what is EyeWire, how it started. About the brain, 80 billion neurons in a human brain, 100 trillion synapses. It used to take 1000 hours to map a neuron now it takes 80 hours. 250,000 users from around the world. Combined effort of players and AI. EyeWire is focusing on 1 cubic mm of a brain which has a 100,000 neurons and billion synapses. Where EyeWire’s data goes after mapping. Why are they building EyeWire, to learn why we are the way we are, we don’t know how many types of cell are in the brain. The EyeWire tech stack. Building a community, media engagement, internships, competitions. Moving towards open source for parts of EyeWire. How they make money, or not! Future work, IARPA. Joining EyeWire or other citizen science projects, World VR forum, Games for Change.

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