#74 Patrick Smacchia, NDepend


Patrick Smacchia creator of NDepend explains how this tool can improve the quality of your code.


Who he is, what he does. Why he is interested in code quality. NDepend is 10 years old. Transitioning from free to commercial. What is static analysis. Comparing NDepend to other tools, Roslyn analyzer. Finding spaghetti code, all rules are linq queries. Measuring technical debt, estimating the cost of fixing the code vs leaving it alone. Call graphs, dependency matrix, tree map, code coverage. Visual Studio Team Services plugin, quality gates, comparing code coverage per release, testability and maintainability. NDepend can analyze dlls, it looks at the intermediate language. Patrick loves the book CLR via C#", Bryan talks about the time Jeffrey Richter stared him down. Future work. Getting a free trial. How to really pronounce Smacchia.

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