#73 Bill Wagner, Microsoft Documentation Service


Bill Wagner discusses the new Microsoft documentation service, a new way of learning about Microsoft’s development offerings.


Who he is, what he does, upcoming talks in Portland, Vermont, Boston and Sydney. The new .NET documentation project, why they are doing it, reorganizing the docs to help solve problems. New docs give more context, e.g. thread safety, advice on usage. Picking what to write about. Open to user contributions. Who keeps the docs up to date, internal pull requests; third party tools and platforms. Documentation for developers with non .NET backgrounds. Monitoring traffic to docs. Docs as a compliment to stack overflow. Bryan complains about lack of full samples - Bill talks about very a large example eShopOnContainers. Walkthroughs. How to request new docs. Why some of C# and .NET is not open source, process of open sourcing. Updates to Bill’s books, invite to help with docs.

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