#71 Dylan Reisenberger, The Polly Project


Dylan Reisenberger talks about Polly, a resilience and transient-fault-handling library for .NET. Commonly used for retries, circuit breaking and fallback when calling remote services.


Who he is. Quick overview of Polly, why do I need Polly - the network is not reliable. History of the Polly project. How popular it is. What a resilience framework is. Retries in Polly; backoff; doing other things during the retry. Policies, what they are. Handling exceptions and result codes. Circuit breaker; what it is; why use them. Using policies together, wrapping. Stability patterns, bulkhead isolation. Queues. How to execute a web request with Polly. Using Polly for things other than web requests. Re-authorization of requests. No .NET alternatives. Future work, caching, policy registry, metrics, reactive extensions. How to help.

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