#68 Michael Biercuk, Quantum Computing


Michael Biercuk, director of the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney talks to me about quantum computing and the future it will lead to.


Who he is, what he does. Quick overview of quantum computing. How traditional computers work, transistors, charge etc. Moore’s law, transistor size, nanometer size, tunneling. When quantum effects start to cause problems. What problems can only quantum computing solve; quantum supremacy. Can quantum computing crack ssl certs; decoherence is the big problem and how to delay it; finding a catalyst for the Haber process. Why is quantum computing faster. Programming a quantum computer. Bits, qbits and 1 & 0 at same time; writing an if…else with qbits. Current state of the art, academic, industrial and small commercial/startup. What unlocking quantum computing will mean for us; computing is advancing every field; if we get to 300 qbits! Michael thinks harnessing quantum computing will transform society.

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