#66 Ben Day, Therapist for Teams


Ben Day, Plualsight author, coach and trainer talks to me about real world agile and scrum.


Who he is, what he does, Pluralsight, how long it takes to make a course; what agile and scrum are, agile is abstract, scrum is concrete; why daily standups are boring, shortening the cycle between dev and qa; Bryan doesn’t think you need the meetings if the project is going well, Ben explains why you do; scrum masters should not be project managers, scrum masters are coaches, scrum masters are not leaders; Ben doesn’t like the three common stand up questions; scrum should provide a framework; “multitasking is death”; people don’t like being screamed at, how to deal with unrealistic expectations; software development vs software delivery; agile and scrum forget that people are involved, “Ben Day - Therapist for Teams”; it’s all about people, leave ego out of it, Difficult Conversations; Ben’s scrum courses on Pluralsight.

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