#56 Suparna Damany, Repetitive Strain Injuries


Suparna Damany, physical therapist and hand therapist, author of It’s Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, talks to me about repetitive strain injuries and how prevent or treat them.


Who she is and what she does, patients with repetitive strain injuries are getting younger; we are not meant to be static, 8 year old patient; repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are common in many professions, one problem leads to another; general fitness doesn’t prevent repetitive strain injuries, we are really not meant to be static, onset can seem sudden; vary activity throughout day, it all comes down to blood flow and oxygen; how to fit activity into your work day, drink lots of water; use of braces, body has great capacity for healing, getting to root the cause; carpal tunnel - what it is and what it is not; when to go to a professional therapist, focus on prevention, good posture, catching the problem early is better; Suparna’s book, exercises, stretches, workspace layout; parting advice for computer professionals.


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