#51 Rachel Reese, F Sharp, microservices and Jet


Rachel Reese tells me about her work at Jet, F#, chaos testing and being one of the Rachii.


Who she is; what she does at Jet, F#, why did Jet choose F#, tech.jet.com blog; does the architecture have to change for F#, what’s different for a C# developer, F# readability; Pipe operator; microservices at jet, “event driven cloud based functional microservices”; dividing up microservices, bounded contexts, dividing up your teams; how to deal with multiple languages in different services,  recording and replaying every single event; unit testing, property testing - FsCheck; chaos testing; geographic redundancy; The Rachii; upcoming conferences; Jet is hiring in NYC and Dublin, contact them rachel@jet.com or Aimee@jet.com.

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