#41 Ken Finnegan, What Ireland Offers the Tech World


Ken Finnegan, chief technologist of the Industrial Development Agency of Ireland tells me about what Ireland has to offer the tech industry.


Who he is, what the Industrial Development Agency does, sales and marketing for Ireland; why should companies invest in Ireland, 1,200 foreign companies, favorable tax rate, higher level education; proximity to other European cities; home grown companies; university incubators, Nova startup incubation at UCD; successful Irish tech companies, Decawave smallest location sensor, S3 Group smallest analog to digital converter; Web Summit; access to venture capital; IoT in Ireland - a technological horizontal, sensors, communications networks, cloud storage in Ireland, deriving value for the data; what happens to Ireland in the next recession, dot-com bust hit hard, lessons learned - investing in fundamental research and commercialization of products, heavy investment for foreign companies and harder to walk away from; Ken invites you to visit.

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