#26 Peter Welch, Programming Doesn't Suck?


Peter Welch, code monkey, blogger and author, and I talk about the software industry and the people in it.


Peter’s background; his books; programming sucks, problems in the interview process; utilitarian programming; complexity in software; how bad are things in the industry, business doesn’t understand complexity; Bryan rants about C level people in companies, Peter tells a story about restaurants, whose job is it to ensure quality work is done, over engineering; respect for engineers; are great engineers dangerous, arrogant engineers are worse; politics - taking part of avoiding; “everything is broken because there’s no good code and everybody’s just trying to keep it running”, HeartBleed, is the “sophisticated hack” a fair excuse, hard for old businesses to move to new tech; standards and practices; “all programmers….are slowly going mad”, how do we make programming better, Peter is an optimist!; complexity.

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Extended Interview

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