#22 Todd Gardner, Track:js


Todd Gardner tells me about Track:js, a JavaScript error tracking tool and how to get a three month free trial.


Todd’s background; what is Track:js, client side errors, stack trace; when to use Track:js in the life-cycle of an app, challenges of production JavaScript apps; installing and using Track:js, turning it on and off for periods or for particular browsers; overhead of Track:js, duck punching and monkey patching; Track:js is for developers, not for marketing analytics; who uses Track:js, high end developers, value per customer; building a scalable system and gathering the data, 120 errors a second reported, hosting in Azure, throttling, elastic search; choosing a cloud platform, BizSpark support, Digital Ocean, Amazon, self hosting, OVH; security issues with data being tracked, what is and is not tracked; local installs of Track:js; monatizing Track:js, subscription tiers; Azure queueing strategy; future development of Track:js, convergence of Angular, Ember and React; how to get a [three month free trial](mailto:Todd@trackjs.com?subject=no dogma free trial).

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