#137 Scott Allen, Re-release of talk about ASP.NET 5

K. Scott Allen passed away on January 10th 2020. I wrote to him in 2015 about making a podcast, we had never met and I sure he didn't know of me, but was happy to share his time. That is the podcast posted here.

We stayed in touch and a few years later I asked him to take part in a panel discussion at an NDC conference, again he was very generous with his time.

He will be missed.

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#136 Dennie Declercq, On Developing With Autism

Dennie Declercq talks about autism, becoming a developer and his views on how to work with others with autism.

Who he is, what he does, volunteer work. Dennie's view on autism, learning to program. Working, keeping the mind busy, crashing. Joining a coaching program. The challenges Dennie faces at work, getting stuck in a thought, eye contact, deadlines, asking for help. Planning his day. seeing the talents of a person. Where you can see Dennie give talks.

Dennies's Twitter

Dennie's homepage

Dennie's talks

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