#31 Jason MacInnes, Draft Kings

Jason MacInnes, CTO of Draft Kings tells me about their architecture and scaling demands.

A little about Jason; what Draft Kings is, why it's not gambling, how Draft Kings started; controlling growth, SDLC, Agile growing pains, aligning skills; software stack (MySql, RabbitMq, MassTransit), choice of ASP.NET; scaling the system; transitioning to micro-services, dev ops; service level agreements, dealing with unpredictable events; where the statistics and data come from, customer privacy, future work.

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#30 Open Data Science Conference

Boston was host to the first ever Open Data Science Conference over the weekend of May 30th and 31st 2015. I spent the days wandering around talking to people with interesting stories.
I hope you enjoy this episode, it was fun making it.

My next podcast will be back to the normal interview format.

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Music Credits
Opening music – The Return, niese23

Closing and other – Bit Rio by Podington Bear

#29 Lucybot, The Importance of Developer Experience

Andrew and Bobby Brennan, and I discuss Lucybot and why good API design and documentation lead to good developer experience.

Who they are; what Lucybot is, more than simple documentation; API economy, easier to work with is more important; easier to use API wins with developers; good vs bad API, good documentation, sandbox, example code; what Lucybot does, auto doc generation, auto code generation, machine readable API description, swagger; client libraries, auto generation; APIs for now developers, API recipes; other tools, swagger and alpaca; future work, repository for APIs, on premises deployment.

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