#18 Jason Haley, Life as a consultant


Jason Haley talks about the good, bad and ugly of life as a software consultant.


Background, why go independent, working and hustling; getting the first customer; liability and setting up a company, being self employed vs an entrepreneur , get a lawyer and an accountant, networking, business bank account, branding, contractor vs consultant, confidence in presenting yourself; getting paid, income as a consultant, long dry spells, have multiple clients, saying no to a client, fitting with a client; judging what you can deliver, best clients understand software; being a generalist vs a specialist, finding a niche; picking a rate, factoring in costs, charge what you deserve, keep a rainy day fund, watch expenses; support network, billable hour trap, taking advice; managing the client relationship; pick a good company name, importance of referrals, don’t negotiate a rate, don’t keep a bad client; review if consulting is for you after a while.

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