#172 Stormy Peters, Supporting Open Source Software Communities


Stormy Peters talks about open source software and how to support the communities that create it.


Who she is, what she does. What open source software is, what free means. Different types of OSS licenses, beerware, restrictive licenses. Commercial use of open software. Making OSS financially viable; tools that GitHub offers, most software is built on open source software. “We’re not paying for free software!”, normalizing paying for OSS; hard for companies to make payments; GitHub sponsors for companies. Individuals sponsoring/supporting OSS, getting in touch with maintainers. Barriers to getting involved. One-person projects. Sponsorship by programming language. Is anyone making enough money from sponsorship. How GitHub supports OSS developers; corporate sponsors. Copilot and its use of OSS. Future of OSS. How to get involved in OSS.


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