#170 Tanya Janca, Building Security Into Software


Tanya Janca talks about fixing your developer process so that security is part of the life cycle.


Who she is, what she does. Becoming a penetration tester. Being a developer advocated. Adding security at the end of the software development life cycle; people wish there was a silver bullet for security. “We’re secure, we don’t need to test our security”. Security should start at the project kickoff. Who owns security, the devs or the security team; getting authority and responsibility. Choosing what to fix; likelihood, potential losses, cost. Security stories during development iterations. Security gets in the way. Feature switches to turn off security in dev environments. Negotiating about what to fix; working around the process. Should security programming be a specialty. Don’t build a tool if you can buy it. Copy pasting your way into trouble; Stack Overflow has a security section now; team to build core security tools. Buying services for authentication/authorization. Communicating with other applications. Why no HTTPS. Why encryption at rest when data is in the cloud. Security testing - static analysis, dependencies vulnerabilities, dynamic analysis. Security tools.


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