#165 Mads Torgersen, ADHD


Mads Torgersen and I chat about his recent diagnosis with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and how it has changed his life for the better.


Why we are making this podcast. The diagnosis; his symptoms. Hard time focusing + stress and fear, low self esteem, fear of what others think; good emotional intelligence. Biological disorder. Diagnostic process. Looking back at his childhood through the lens of ADHD, new perspective on old events, better understanding of paths/decisions. Conscious forgetfulness. Baking bread, (fast and) slow; long process, sticking to the recipe helps. Other superpowers. Handling stress, mutually beneficial delegation. Effect on relationships, people pleaser, allowing people to walk over him. Imposter syndrome, not belonging to the group, too busy being distracted. Hard to know what’s going on with a person from the outside, extra effort to do things that require attention, biking uphill all the time. The Mads wiggle/explanation dance, the brain/body needs activity; staying still in schools. Treatment, changing habits, learning about AD/HD; stimulant medication, biking on flat ground, better focus, less anxiety, no side effects; needs to consciously take breaks; ADHD in the morning and taking the pill. Nonmedical routes, meditation, relaxing, diet. Talking publicly, sharing with others. Genetics and looking back on family history; understanding the past. Getting a diagnosis can help you get a good life; some resources (links below). What’s next for Mads. Be open to people’s differences.


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