#159 Mark Eisenberg, DevOps in the Enterprise


Mark Eisenberg talks about the move to DevOps in large enterprises, the challenges they face, and the lessons they can learn from other companies.


Who he is, what he does. What an enterprise is, examples; pets vs cattle. A definition of DevOps; collaboration and automation; build process to be automatable vs automating a human process. Why companies are moving to DevOps; better, faster, cheaper; wanting to change the outcome without changing the process or people. More on collaboration and building differently, don’t have a separate DevOps team or site reliability engineering team. Politics of moving to DevOps; ops team don’t always want devs working on the system; devs vs DBAs. Cultural change should be an outcome, not a driver, the “DevOps industrial complex”. Importance of unit testing. Shift left; dev sec ops; observability and traceability. Some final thoughts and reading recommendations.


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