#153 Jamie Goldstein, Mental Health and Emotional Fitness During Covid-19


Dr. Jamie Goldstein discusses how we are affected by Covid-19, and how to build your mental and emotional fitness.


Who she is, what she does, what Coa offers. Impact of 2020/2021 on mental health, “Pulling back the curtain”; how Covid broke our community; “work from home” vs “work with home”. Stress over a longer period affecting more people; advice on handling stress, building emotional fitness. A quick bit of advice to help now. How employers can help employees, wellness days, expecting less from employees, management should set an example, using vacation. Transitioning from work to home, adding a “commute” to your day, getting away from work. Handling loneliness, Coa community. Preparing for the next crisis, building your emotional fitness, getting comfortable with uncertainty. Seeing the positive. Finding out more about Coa.


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