#15 Linus Olsson, Hemlis project

Linus Olsson of the Hemlis project discusses what Hemlis is, why they are building it and how it works.

Linus I and discuss his background, what is Hemlis, why build it; open source; need for security and privacy, does encryption make you a target, good encryption vs bad encryption; why trust Hemlis, legal requests for data, would he go to jail to protect users; how it works, public key encryption, easier than PGP, type of encryption, back door on phone, base band hacking; open source vulnerabilities; servers, just for relaying, graphs, peer-to-peer not viable; scaling; release date, usability; how to promote your software; pricing, premium features, enterprise solution.

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4 thoughts on “#15 Linus Olsson, Hemlis project

  1. Interview with a very naive idealistic Swede, this company will need to spend some serious thought on Marketing and its positioning if it ever wants to become succesful

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  3. @RuckusNow: Thank god (if one existed, that is) that there are still idealistic people around! Also, it’s not a company that is out to make as much money as possible – it’s a project meant to help people who care about their privacy reclaim their right to their own communication!

  4. The part about Perfect Forward Secrecy was a bit curious.
    Linus @31:17: “Forward secrecy. That is obviously something that is really good. And something that we believe will be possible maybe not this year but in a couple of years and then we will of course implement that too.”

    It has already been a reality on several clients (even at the time of the interview). Most notable being TextSecure (which was even mentioned in the interview). TextSecure has had PFS since the beginning.

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