#143 Dylan Beattie, Tech Conferences in a Time of Coronavirus


Dylan Beattie talks about the present and future of tech conferences, how organizers, presenters and attendees are adapting.


Who he is, what he does, and what he is doing during the recording! Conferences that are going on now. Participating as an attendee, dedicating time, trying to work; more available to people who can’t travel. Participating as a speaker, some of the incentives are gone, revenue share; lack of hallway track. How conferences are engaging with people, talks and breaks, Slack, multiple tracks. What Dylan is doing with NDC. Time zone vs geographical partitioning of conferences. NDC will continue to make recordings available for free. Canceling a conference is a lot of work. Conference sponsorship. Microsoft made a success of Bulid. Will conferences go back to normal at some point, distributed conferences. Climate change and conferences. Working and isolation; corporate offices are not the future but places to work in your neighborhood might be.


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