#127 Michal Klos, Using Snowflake To Grow Food


Michal Klos of Indigo explains how they use Snowflake to help grow food, improve agriculture and the protect environment.


Who he is, what he does. Decommoditizing agriculture. What Snowflake is, it’s in all the clouds. Difference between a data warehouse and a database; could Snowflake be used instead of a database. Michal’s first experience with Snowflake a few years ago; how he uses it now; where the data Indigo uses comes from. Copying the data to traditional dbs. Querying Snowflake. Example of how Indigo uses data from prototype to production. How big do you need to be to use Snowflake. How to get started; put an API in front of the warehouse. Tech stack at Indigo. They are hiring.


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