#124 Mads Torgersen, C# 8


Mads Torgersen talks about the upcoming release of C#, what’s new, what’s different, what else is coming in the future. He also answers questions from Twitter.


Who he is, what he does. What new in C# 8; robustness, pits of success; nullable reference types. No breaking changes. Use of language features, IntelliCode. The legacy of String, unicode and UTF8, array, immutability and invariants. Async streams, what it is and history. Bryan’s blog on steaming, why async is important, especially if you have a limited number of threads available. Improved patterns matching, recursive patterns. C# 8 relies on a .NET Core Runtime feature. C# 8 and Visual Studio schedules are independent; upcoming schedules for .NET Core and .NET 5. Questions from Twitter - records and roles, expression tree updates, compiler flags, AOT, tiered compilation, type providers, async/await inside LINQ expressions, discriminated unions, Typescript style inline union. Relationship between C# design team and the compiler team. Mads encourages us all to use the previews of C# 8 and let him know if you find a problem.


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