#121 Mark Eisenberg, Microservices in the Enterprise


Mark Eisenberg discusses why enterprises should adopt microservices, what is stopping them, and how they can overcome those problems.


Who he is, what he does. Mark’s interest in microservices. What a microservice is, why it is important, why it is difficult; what he means by “enterprise”. What enterprises are currently doing - using new technology in an old way. Are enterprises changing for the wrong reasons; what are the right reasons - “fear”. Time to market and scale is very short, think of Uber, Airbnb, etc. Product Enterprises don’t always see the threat that is coming. Changes needed - culture, support from business units, CI/CD, build security in from start, cloud is not necessary, Jez Humble’s book Accelerate, everything has to change. Better, faster, cheaper is what the execs are interested. Microsoft’s recommendations on getting microservices into the enterprise. Concrete steps an enterprise can take - training, developers should be driving the change. Don’t start with “can’t”, focus on what and why.


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